09 May ∣ 2023

The increased orders, the growth of export cargo flows from Bulgaria to Europe and the reduced consumption in the European markets led to serious problems in the supply chain. This change in market behavior led warehouses to overflow in Europe. This made it difficult for Bulgarian producers, due to delayed deliveries and retention of large quantities of manufactured goods.

To meet the needs of its customers and provide a solution to the problem, "Alexander Logistics" expanded its warehouse capacity in Kazichene, Sofia, with an additional 3300 square meters for buffer storage before the goods are sent to the export destination (cross-docking warehouse).  Thus, the total storage areas are now nearly 15,000 square meters. They are entirely for freight forwarding, grouping and warehouse logistics.

The construction of the new storage facilities is at an advanced stage and is expected to be put into operation before the middle of 2023. This will contribute to greater flexibility and efficiency in the supply chain, which will allow Bulgarian manufacturers to be more competitive and meet the needs of their customers.

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