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Vacant Position

Sales representative for South Africa for warehousing and freight forwarding (sales and customer service representative);

  • • Needed qualifications and requirements:
    1. Must have over 15 years’ experience in a managerial custom related field in South Africa;
    2. ‒ Proficiency in English and native Afrikaans;
    3. ‒ Knowledge in SAAS, B2B, B2C & VIP;
    4. ‒ Good communication skills;
    5. ‒ Skills with Microsoft Office and how to work with a computer;
    6. ‒ Interaction with high value companies – local and in other countries, operating from South Afrika;
    7. ‒ Skills in building and managing a team;
    8. ‒ Knowledge of building customer management systems (such as Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics or similar systems);
    9. ‒ The ability to analyze sales data and targets;
    10. ‒ The ability to implement customer processes and procedures;


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