19 October ∣ 2021

Tvsetin Todorov elected as Chairman of NSBS

We are honoured to share the recognition that Alexander Logistics has received from the freight forwarding and logistics industry for operating as one of the leading Bulgarian logistics companies, imposing standards of quality, morality and authenticity in the business.

On 16th of September this year, the General Assembly of NSBS (Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics) held a General Meeting on which the Board of Directors was voted. Mr. Tsvetin Todorov, manager of Alexander Logistics, was elected as Chairman of NSBS. The General Assembly elected Mr. Yavor Pantaleev, Mr. Angel Safev, Mr. Ivan Petrov, Mrs. Marieta Grigorova, Mr. Vasil Borisov, Mr. Ivan Kirchev, Mr. Kolyo Doynov and Mr. Petar Naydenov as members of the Board of Directors. Furthermore, Mr. Emil Dandolov, Mrs. Irina Velikova and Mrs. Olga Vasilevska were elected as members of the Board of Control.

Alexander Logistics became a member of NSBS in 2006. Mr. Todorov was a member of the Board of Control for the period 2009-2012 after which he was successively elected as a member of the Board of Directors and has been its Deputy Chairman since 2015. He is in charge of the NSBS Training Center and is actively involved in its activities.

“One of the reasons for taking this position is the continuity in the policies and priorities that the Association follows and are clearly defined: protection of the industry’s interests, organizational strengthening of the Association and development of the Training Center”, said Mr. Todorov.

The discussion focused on:

  • The role of the Association’s Training Center in educating specialists for the needs of the Bulgarian freight forwarding and logistics industry;
  • Digitalization of processes and the introduction of the electronic consignment note;
  • Activation of all transport mode’s sections and strengthening the communication between the members for indetification and resolvement of the occurring industry problems.

Visit NSBS’s website to learn what are the short and long-term priorities set by the Association. Find out more about the General Meeting, further covered by BTP (The Bulgarian Transport Press).


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