01 November ∣ 2023

"Alexander Logistics" made another significant step in upping the standard in warehouse logistics. The company was graded "ЕXCELLENT" in the recent audit by IFS Logistics.

It is an internationally recognized standard for safety and quality of logistics operations and is a requirement for working with retail chains in the food sector.

IFS Logistics applies to all logistics areas, such as delivery by truck, rail or ship, warehousing of all types of food and non-food products.

The audit process includes a detailed analysis of existing procedures, their improvement and staff training. The efforts of "Alexander Logistics" were rewarded with an excellent score of 97.18%, which practically confirms the company as a reliable and professional logistics partner for its customers. Only a few companies in Bulgaria hold such certificate, which makes the result even more significant.

The IFS Logistics standard ensures that the company can store goods in a highly responsible manner, which is important for the trust with its customers.

"Alexander Logistics" is a leading logistics company founded in 1994. With almost 30 years of experience and reputation, the company operates in 12 strategically positioned warehouses in Bulgaria. It offers a variety of services in transport and warehouse logistics, including:

- Drop-board delivery;
- Retail outlets in shopping centers;
- Commercial establishments in the central parts of the city;
- Deliveries in agreed time ranges;
- Return of packaging;
- Return documents;
- Cash on delivery.

Follow the website, blog and LinkedIn page to find out more about the innovations Alexander Logistics develops and implements in response to the changing needs of global business and logistics.


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