17 August ∣ 2023

"Alexander Logistics" is a leading logistics company founded in 1994. With almost 30 years of experience and reputation, we operate in 12 strategically positioned warehouses in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to provide high quality solutions to our customers. Through our well-developed domestic transport and distribution network, we can deliver your shipment from and to any place in Bulgaria. Supported by a qualified team, we offer a variety of services in transport and warehouse logistics, including:

  • Drop-board delivery;
  • Shops in shopping centers;
  • Commercial establishments in the central parts of the city;
  • Deliveries in agreed time ranges;
  • Return packaging;
  • Return documents;
  • Cash on Delivery.

The significant number of vehicles hired exclusively for our needs and equipped with GPS tracking systems ensure the reliability and accuracy of deliveries. The company also organizes deliveries to retail networks, including large shopping centers.

Our company is proud of innovative and flexible approach that allows us to build successful partnerships and provide reliable deliveries to every place of the country. We believe that our clients' success is our success, so we strive to actively help their development and growth.

With our strong team and constant investment in the professional development of our employees, we are the logistics partner you can count on for flawless execution of your deliveries.

See videos of delivery to customer workflow:

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