15 April ∣ 2022

Customers’ logistical needs require more and more opportunities and flexibility from freight forwarding companies to be able to integrate into supply chains. Alexander Logistics has been storing, loading and transporting goods for many years, providing 24-hour information on their movement and availability.

As a leader in the industry, the company always reacts flexibly to the market and offers adequate solutions to its customers.

  • Flexibility to market needs.

At a time when there is a lack of transport and warehousing capacity, Alexander Logistics provides new and diverse services.

In addition to well-established transport and warehousing services, complemented by customs agency and customs warehouses, the logistics company has temperature-controlled premises, refrigerators. They are 5 in number and are located in the warehouse in Sofia region (Kazichene village).

  • Green energy (the company offers еnergy independence).

It is important to note that solar panels are installed, which are sufficient for the constant operation of the refrigerators. There is enough energy left for the rest of the business needs. This energy independence is a key advantage, preferred by customers. The company is oriented towards care for nature and climate, and has a positive CO2 balance.

  • Excellent location and capacity of storage facilities.

The cameras are able to operate at temperatures from 0 to +8 C˚. They can store large amounts of food, such as eggs, dairy products, meat, sweets, and other goods such as flowers.

Three of the refrigeration rooms have an area of 50 m² and capacity of 150 m³, one with an area of 100 m² and capacity of 600 m³, and another has an area of 140 m² and capacity of 380 m³.

The cold chambers can be operated by Alexander Logistics or rented out. They are IFS licensed. It is a necessary condition for companies that want to supply food chains in Bulgaria and abroad.


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