11 August ∣ 2022

According to data from the National Statistical Institute, our country has a large increase in exports in 2022, despite the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. The growth of cargo for export from Bulgaria, mainly to various European destinations, continues. A large number of manufacturers switch to a 24/7 production cycle, which necessitates the use of larger storage areas. On the other hand, the lack of transport capacity, as a general trend, reinforced by the seasonal holidays in transport companies, leads to significant difficulties in the regularity of the transport and the need for storage areas at the forwarding and logistics companies.

In order to meet the new challenges and as a company always looking for solutions for its customers, Alexander Logistics started the construction of a new cross-docking warehouse at its base in Kazichene. It is an extension of the existing logistics terminal with a new 3,300 square meters. Thus, the total warehouse areas will reach nearly 15,000 square meters, used entirely for forwarding activities, groupages and warehouse logistics by the company.

The new warehouse is expected to start operations at the beginning of 2023. Together with the already built photovoltaic plant, the company provides efficient and ecological solutions for solving transport and logistics challenges.

Alexander Logistics understands the importance of sustainable development as well as reducing the carbon footprint it generates. Therefore, with every action, it is one of the green companies that take care of the Earth's eco-climate.

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