11 March ∣ 2022

Cross-country skiing competitions for Alexander Logistics Cup were held from 6 to 7 January 2022 in Vitosha mountain. For the first time they became a part of the official calendar of the Bulgarian Ski Federation with the support of “Sofia European Capital of Sport” (https://sofia2018.bg/).

The Alexander Logistics Cup competitions became also a part of the restored Sofia City Cross-country Skiing Championships. It has been planned several years ago, but health restrictions and the small amount of snow in the beginning of previous winter have not allowed this to happen so far.

The participants were from all age groups: children, teenagers, men and women.

Alexander Logistics’ competitors won a total of 25 medals, 12 of which were gold.

The winner in the men’s race in the pursuit of 6 km with a break in freestyle climbing was Todor Malchov (Bansko) with 30:13.7 minutes. Second in 15.8 seconds was his teammate Daniel Peshkov, and third was Alexander Ognyanov (Alexander Logistics) in 4:19.4 minutes. Among women, the first was Kalina Nedyalkova (Alexander Logistics) with 41:19.7 minutes. The second was Andreya Dyaksova (Alexander Logistics) with 44:24, 4 minutes, and the third – Elena Georgieva (Rila Skier) with 56: 59.5 min.

Alexander Logistics has been supporting cross-country skiing in Bulgaria for more than 15 years, including through own Alexander Logistics Sports Club.




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