11 March ∣ 2024

cash on delivery

In the dynamic world of logistics and parcel delivery, companies are in constant search of reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions to optimize operations. As one of the region’s leading logistics service providers, Alexander Logistics offers comprehensive nationwide distribution services for pallet and parcel shipments. In response to the evolving needs of its customers, Alexander Logistics has introduced a new service – cash on delivery.

National Distribution Services:

Alexander Logistics has extensive national distribution capabilities for pallet and parcel shipments. The service meets the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring your products reach their destinations efficiently and securely across the country.

Cash on Delivery:

Alexander Logistics now offers a cash on delivery option. Secure and fast payment processing for your business.

– Competitive commission rates: tariff of 0.5% but not less than 0.50 BGN excluding VAT.
– Flexible payment models. Stable cash flows and financial flexibility.
– Email notifications: Email notifications for each transaction, accompanied by detailed specifications of amounts and shipments.
– Transparent communication ensuring, the ability to better track and manage your COD shipments.


Alexander Logistics is a strategic partner, for you and your business. With its national distribution capabilities and new Cash on Delivery service, Alexander Logistics is ready to meet the evolving needs of businesses, providing a tool for success in a competitive marketplace.

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