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Domestic Transport & Distribution in Bulgaria

Using our well developed domestic network, we can pick-up / deliver your shipment from / to any point in Bulgaria.

We offer the following services:

  • Express Delivery – 24-hour service.
  • Economy – 48-hour service.
  • Daily departures Door-to-door delivery.
  • Return documents.
  • Order management.
  • Track & trace.
  • Handling of COD payments.
  • Terms & Conditions.

From 21.10.2021, on the basis of the certificate issued by the Communications Regulation Commission, the company’s customers, along with the services for the reception, transmission and delivery of parcels, can rely on the collection of cash on delivery.

Volumetric weight: high-volume, low-weight shipments are charged as follows – 1 m³ = 300 kg. The price is determined as the greater between the actual and the volumetric weight. All shipments longer than 3,5 m and wider than 2 m will be charged as oversize. Packaging: clients are responsible for compliance with all shipping regulations regarding proper packaging. The sender may opt for additional insurance, to cover the invoice value of the goods. Transport orders should be made before 14:00 h. * For all other matters, the terms and conditions of NSBS apply.

For more information, please contact Georgi Malinov: g_malinov@alog-bg.com.


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