01 November ∣ 2022

In order to meet the new business challenges Alexander Logistics" built a new warehouse in Ruse, which has been operating since October 1, 2022. The warehouse has two frames, an area for cargo vans and 450 sq.m. covered areas. It is in a key location near the Danube Bridge.

The company's clients have an advantage of 24/48 - hourly deliveries from the whole country to Ruse, and vice versa.

With the new warehouse, "Alexander Logistics" expands its capabilities, as well as the services it can provide to its customers. The permanent, 24-hour connection to Romania (for deliveries) is also a bonus.

Opening hours of the new warehouse in Ruse:

Monday - Friday: from 07:00 to 18:00


Email: Ruse@alog-bg.com

Phone: 0895417703

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