05 December ∣ 2023

"Alexander Logistics" has one of the most modern warehouses in Plovdiv. It is located on the ring road on an area of 1000 square meters and has exceptional opportunities for:

  • Cross-docking and logistics: The warehouse offers an integrated Cross-docking and logistics system that speeds up the handling of goods and optimizes logistics processes.
  • Loading and unloading operations: The Alexander Logistics team performs fast and efficient loading and unloading operations, ensuring that goods are processed quickly and smoothly.
  • Order Management: The company offers competent order management that includes tracking, inventory and stock management.
  • Ramps and lifting equipment: With six ramps and modern lifting equipment, the warehouse ensures the smooth handling of goods.
  • Buses and solotrucks with tail lift and pallet jacks: "Alexander Logistics" has its own fleet, including buses with drop side and pallet jacks for fast and safe transport of the goods.
  • Deliveries in Bulgaria and Balkan region: pallet and parcel shipments.
  • Video surveillance and cargo security systems: The warehouse is equipped with modern video surveillance and security systems, guaranteeing the safety of the goods.


+359 897 00 81 88


Working hours: from 07:00 to 18:00.

See a gallery of photos of the warehouse:

In the first 10 months of 2023, the company was able to process 2,055 shipments (corresponding to 16,503 transport units) with a total weight of 2,331,027 kg and deliver 15,079 shipments (corresponding to 29,345 transport units) with a total weight of 5,540,048 kg. The warehouse has the capacity to double these results and handle the demands of growing warehousing and logistics businesses.

With a rich history and 30 years of experience, "Alexander Logistics" operates in 12 strategically located warehouses throughout Bulgaria. The company continues to provide its customers with high-quality logistics solutions, helping them save time, effort and resources. It not only stores, loads and transports goods, but also provides 24-hour information on their movement and availability.

In 2023, "Alexander Logistics" took another step towards the highest standards in warehouse logistics. The company achieved excellent results in the next audit according to the requirements of IFS Logistics. It is an internationally recognized standard that assesses the safety and quality of logistics operations and is a necessary condition for working with retail chains in the food sector. The IFS Logistics standard ensures that the company can store goods in a highly responsible manner, which is important for the trust between it and its customers.

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